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Recovery Amino SP is the same powerful blend of Amino Acids as regular Recovery Amino in a powder drink mix version. The Limeade Flavor is sweetened with stevia, and it's refreshing as... well you know. 



This is more than a branched chained amino acid or pre-workout supplements. This is a protein supplement that enhances what you're doing right and fills in the gaps where you're not.  

Don't leave feeling amazing every day and being able to crush any workout to chance.  

The ability to trust your body when it counts is crucial for optimum performance. Nutrition, training and proper recovery/sleep are an excellent start. But for the peace of mind of knowing your body will keep up with the demands you make of it, you need ONE supplement that assures a tangible outcome.

The Recovery Amino Difference

Better protein synthesis helps you build bigger muscle and recovery quickly reduces nitrogen waste, reduces inflammation and is less taxing on your digestive system. 

Clinicians have used the blend of amino acids in Recovery Amino for over 30 years. Now we bring it to you as a tool to bulletproof your daily nutrition and performance.  

The efficiency of Recovery Amino allows you to absorb it in under 30 minutes and fuel yourself without the need of added stimulants.

Stay focused and alert without worrying about a crash later or having trouble sleeping.*  




The perfect nutrition and training program doesn't exist, so we've invested and found the highest efficacy, most complete and convenient protein insurance there is.* Hitting your goals requires massive focus and effort. When the work gets, tough Recovery Amino will help you blaze your way. We are confident you'll love it.


Success Stories


Even if you need the energy to fuel you through your day, Recovery Amino is a great option."

— Dave Carraway, OCR Elite Racer



"If I prep with some Recovery Amino 10-20 minutes before my workout it’s almost like I have caffeine in my system, I’m just able to go."

— Melissa Dorman, Investor & Entrepreneur


"I've been taking just five tablets right before I go to bed and it helps me go into a deep, restful sleep."

-Grant Ifflander


Suggested Use: Take 5-10 grams 30 minutes prior to physical activity or to support dietary management of protein intake. 

Best if taken separately from other proteins or from fats. 

Contains no fat, yeast, gluten, soy, corn, wheat, rice, GMO, preservatives, dairy or animal products.

Packaged by weight, not volume.  Settling may occur. Manufactured in a cGMP FDA registered facility.

Store in a cool, dry place.  

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If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied with Recovery Amino SP or any other DTS product email us within 30 days with proof of purchase and we will send you 100% of your money back no questions ask or need to return the product. 

Buy Recovery Amino SP Limeade Flavor today while supplies last. 

Customer Reviews

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Recovery Amino SP

Low Calorie High Protien Fuel

I love my dose solutions aminos because it's super low calorie for 17grms of protein. It boosts energy and helps me hit my protein intake without sacrificing many calories.

Highly recommended

Very happy with this product.

Seeing great results

I've been using the Recovery Amino Tablets for two weeks and I'm already seeing a big difference. Much faster recovery, less soreness, clearheaded during intense sessions when I used to get woozy. Can't recommend Dose highly enough.

Early Morning Activity, All-Day Energy!

I've been using Recovery Amino SP-Limeade for about a month. I gotta be honest, I was skeptical of it at first... Will a plant-based protein supplement really help fuel my activity and boost my recovery? Well, the answer is yes. While I may not fit the traditional Crossfit demo--I don't cross-fit--I do exercise often, and I've always struggled with recovery after a hard work-out. Recovery Amino SP has given me a huge boost and helped me in the place I needed it most. I will say, if you use the SP-Limeade, make sure you mix it with room-temp water to get the best homogenization (I found mixing it with cold water to start made it a bit lumpy) then add a ice for a nice refreshing kick! The taste, is actually better than most other products I've tried. A big win in my books! Thanks Team DTS for an awesome product:)