Become An Affiliate

You're Great at Coaching, We're Great at Retail.

We get it, retail can be challenging! Especially when you're a busy coach focused on daily operation and giving your athletes the best programing possible.  

Dose Nutrition brings decades of retail experience to the table. When you partner with us we help you move your inventory effortlessly. Provide you the tools to offer your members the products they want and need.  And make retail an effective tool to increase your profits without stealing your precious time. 

You are the authority on all things fitness and health to your members. When they buy from you they know they are getting exactly what they need.


Why Partner with Dose Nutrition

We are committed to taking care of Affiliates and their members. As a business starting from the bottom we know the challenges you face and the effort it took to bring on new members. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible products and a commission structure that makes sense for you. As our partner, your success is number one.

Are Dose Products Discounted online?

When we run the occasional promotions we will include you. This way your pricing is always competitive and members will have no reason to buy from anyone besides you

Is Dose Nutrition a Pyramid Scheme? 

We only sell directly to consumer online or to coaches and Box owners. I.e. there are no incentives for onboarding other wholesalers or affiliates. Only for giving your athletes or members incredible products that do what they say they will. 

Who can join the wholesale or affiliate program?

Only vetted Boxes and coaches with trusted strength and conditioning background. 

Sell in your box + online 

Offering supplements to your members in your box and online. We handle the fulfillment of all online sales so you never have to worry about shipping online orders. Freeing you up to coach and work with your clients. 

marketing + sales support

Your members and athletes are your friends and customers. We know that you only want to help them get better in life. We will provide you will tools to connect your customers with the products and build programs that will actually help them. Join Dose Nutrition,  up your nutritional knowledge and give the most current advice


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