Strength Training More Isn't Better

Strength Training More Isn't Better

Strength training is hugely important to optimal health and performance.

Some of the benefits include


  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Building muscle (duh) which fights fat, improves balance and protects the body from injury
  • Improving heart health Increasing bone density
  • Better control of blood glucose
  • Improving athletic ability/capacity Improving your ability to recruit the proper muscles for functional/everyday movements
  • Fighting depression and stress


So if weight training is so good for us why is it so high up on the pyramid? The first impression might be that weight training shouldn’t be done until all the other components are mastered. This is not the path forward. What we suggest is that with weight training just adding more weight and more volume isn’t going to do it. You have to focus on getting in the weight training and getting in the Metcon and getting in the gymnastics work and keeping your nutrition on point.



DODGE ISSUE #1 - Poor metabolic base to support your ability to perform be it during the daily Metcon at your gym or if you ever decided you want to compete in a weightlifting meet, local CrossFit competition or weekend basketball game.

MITIGATE ISSUE #2 - Extreme muscle tightness and poor mobility. For instance, Olympic weightlifters tend to have tightness in their upper backs, and runners tend to have tightness in their legs. Both activities are definitely “good for you” but if that is all you do you might have muscles that are overworked and become overly tight.

ESCAPE ISSUE #3 - Muscle Imbalances.  If you spend your time in the gym working one muscle without a focus on its counterpart, this can lead to a muscle developing more than another.  Once this happens, the stronger muscle will overpower the weaker one and might even do the weaker muscle’s work.




UP LEVEL YOUR TRAINING, enjoy your weight training and push yourself TO stay focused on all the other components of training. YOUR whole body will benefit and you’ll get your GAINS even though you didn’t spend all your time in the gym with the barbell.   

So are you ready to stop running into plateaus and walls in your training? Are you not only ready to train harder but smarter? If you are serious about this then and only then send us an email at
with the subject “train harder and smarter.” We only work with people who are serious about taking control of their life and training.  One of our coaches will help you figure out the right program for you and develop a holistic approach to your health and fitness.

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