Dose Training Solutions

Food is the fuel for life. It connect us to each other and provides the energy for performance. DOSE Training Solutions provides you the tools to Optimize your nutrition for your fullest potential.

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Stories Matter


We believe defining your story is the most powerful action you can take for yourself.

Everything we do at Dose is about giving you the tools to craft a story that drives you to your goals. 

If you don't tell your story someone else will tell it for you. The story you tell yourself will telegraph where you go. 

Optimizing your health is a critical step on this journey.


What is Healthy?

There is a fundamental misunderstanding around defining "healthy." 

When it comes to what is healthy there is no “right answer” there is only “Your answer."

Our Mission:

Promote healthy eating, training, and lifestyle. 

Provide a holistic approach where every individual gets specific attention because we all have a different history and goals. These factors dictate our approach.

Eradicating body shaming through a community of self-love, self-care, and positive self-image. How you look is by no means the ultimate metric of health.